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Teresa C. - BEFORE - I am hoping to learn about connecting with non-human entities.  AFTER - Awesome experience! We learned about tools that helped us connect with loved ones that had passed.

Peter W. - BEFORE - Talking to dead people???  AFTER - I didn't really know what was going to happen but the learning experience was pretty great. The tool was easy and fun to learn.

Peggy H. - BEFORE - I am hoping to connect with my grandfather.  AFTER - WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. All of my questions were answered.

Angel F. - BEFORE - Curious to learn what I need to know.  AFTER - Very interesting energy! A very POSITIVE experience.

Kathy N. - BEFORE & AFTER - I came with an open mind about tonight. I received answers to my questions - LOVED THIS CLASS!

Chris H. - BEFORE & AFTER - Your gentle spirit brought peace to such confusion that I had. Spirit direction was like a map - lost, then found. Felt nothing but LOVE.

Madison C. - BEFORE & AFTER - I don't feel as skeptical about the whole thing anymore.

Paula F. - BEFORE & AFTER - The topic is along my way of thinking and feeling the last several years.

Lynda U. - BEFORE & AFTER - I had just read a book written by a scientist who had an experience with the other side. Everything I heard this evening confirmed his statements.

Melissa Q. - BEFORE & AFTER - Before I got here I was scared that it wasn't real. When I left, I felt so much better knowing that it IS REAL and that my husband is Okay and will be Okay.

Kathy H. - BEFORE & AFTER - Was already a believer when I came in but now have a much stronger belief and reassurance at the end!

H & M M. - BEFORE & AFTER - I was afraid of what it might be like. I was scared she [my loved one who's crossed over] was disappointed. I'm more relaxed now. My husband believes in all this stuff. He came along to support me.

Tara U. - BEFORE - To begin, I have always been curious about the "super natural" and anything that comes with it. I honestly don't know what to expect or what will happen if it does happen. I am however, very excited for the chance to possibly talk and communicate with someone or bodies.  AFTER - This was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The truth and knowledge that was given was a confirmation that I am on the right path and I am loved still by my loved ones.

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