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About Leilani

Leilani currently lives near Las Vegas, NV (USA) and has been using Tarot as a tool to communicate with the Universe for more than 25 years. She's now available to you, thanks to

 Erik Medhus  a “ghost” she encountered at the beginning of 2016, while doing independent research on possible environmental causes of bipolar disorders. You can find out more about Erik and watch his informational videos on Youtube



Spiritual Awareness And Enhancing The Planet

One Individual At A Time!

© HeavenLei

Prior to 2016, Leilani was completely happy in her world as an environmental research scientist, but this isn’t entirely true. It always felt like something was missing – or that there was more “out there” waiting for her. Throughout her life, she’s always dabbled in the supernatural and the unexplained. She’s researched metaphysics continuously over the years, helping to soothe her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and her hardy appetite to know more – especially in obscure areas of science such as the unexplainable.


Leilani had many of her own premonitions as a teenager and the uncanny predictions she’s made for others over the years convinced her - and them - that there’s more to our world than what meets the eye. The invisible has always fascinated her – like gravity and centrifugal force – motivating her to test the limits.


After a personal encounter with Erik, there was no turning back. She could no longer deny that what she was feeling wasn’t real – even though she wasn’t yet able to see it. This made her put aside her skeptical scientific mind and dive deeper. A strong connection with Erik was made and it’s now blossomed into a website Leilani has lovingly named “HeavenLei” – It’s Leilani’s connection to our Home, the one humans call “Heaven”.  It naturally felt like the perfect fit since her name “Leilani” is Hawaiian for “Heavenly Flower”. The invisible has become real – as real as the Velveteen Rabbit. And now she’s available to help open up a world of communication for you in a gentle, honest, insightful way that will make you feel more relaxed, more confident, and more empowered and reassured than you were before meeting her. She’s here to help you – and in a strange twist of fate, continue the work she started to heal the planet - by improving the lives of those who call Gaia (Aria) Home.

Leilani believes in Erik and is now breaking boundaries to reach out to help others and heal Gaia in ways she never dreamed possible. When not helping others, Leilani can be found out in nature hunting for wild huckleberries and rockhounding or with her Newfoundland named Kiwi. She can often be found in a library and makes them a "must see" when on vacation to metropolitan cities. She enjoys painting (acrylic), wheel pottery, reading books, flying, snowshoeing, and scenic photography. And a day of people-watching is a favorite! When at home, she takes great pleasure in making all her meals from scratch using vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in her own organic garden.

And if you've read this far, you'll be happy to know that Leilani believes deeply in "paying it forward" whenever she can. As a way of giving back to Erik with gratitude and respect, Leilani is offering all of you reading this a chance to receive one free (20-minute) TAROT CARD reading with her, given away each month. The "winners" are chosen randomly - using a random number generator - based on the number of requests received during the monthly periods listed below. This is especially helpful to those who believe they can't afford a reading but really need one. Using the laws of the Universe, you have a chance to make it happen simply by entering before midnight on the day of the drawing deadline date - once per random month (listed below) - your name, email address, location and Skype name in the form below and clicking the SEND button. Those chosen each month will be notified by email, with a special code they can use to make their appointment at no charge to them. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, PER MONTH, PLEASE. More than one entry will disqualify you! Once you've been chosen, your name will be omitted for 6 months in order to allow everyone a fair chance. Thank you in advance for understanding. May the force be with you!

Monthly Seemingly Random Drawing Deadline Dates:

  • January 1

  • February 2

  • March 17

  • April 22

  • May 1

  • June 21

  • July 17

  • August 21

  • September 21

  • October 16

  • November 19

  • December 21

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