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I decided to call this section "Re-Source" because I do believe we are all a part of what those in the Spiritual Community call "Source" and those in the Mainstream Community call "God". I've had many requests from my clients to give them links to resources that have either helped me or that I feel will be helpful to them. It's a return to knowledge, a return to Source, a return to what was once yours and still is yours to have. The information is free and freely given. Use it wisely. Take time to really read, listen to, or understand what you find on this page. Knowledge is Power. Also be prepared to be shook up in some cases. That's what happened to me. I thought I knew things but what I discovered was a confirmation of the things I knew, as well as an expansion on things I thought I knew. Feel free to share and discuss what you find here. And if there's a broken link, PLEASE LET ME KNOW by clicking on the CONTACT Tab at the top of this page to send Leilani a message. I invite you to question, to ask, to research, to open and expand on what you know - or what you think you know. The world is a big place. The universe is even greater. By asking questions, we learn. By sharing, we help one another grow. By communicating, we help educate. Only through education - with accurate information - can we truly Re-Source.

I share this with love, an open heart, an expanded mind, and with wisdom from Above that has helped guide me to it and helped guide you to me. Namaste 

Erik's Book "My Life After Death" 
       (This is a must read book!)
Erik Talks About LOVE
Erik Talks About GOD
Erik Talks About HEAVEN
Erik Talks With Martin Luther King Jr.
Erik Talks About ANGELS (Erik's BLOG POST)
Erik Talks About MIND, BODY & SOUL (Erik's BLOG POST)
Quote: "Everything is very simple, really.
It just requires a different way of looking at things."
(Direct LINK To NAZCA on
Erik Talks with Leilani on 5/5/2016 - The First Time (37:37mins into the Radio Hour)
(Full Discussion "Erik's Radio Hour") (Youtube)
Erik Talks About Climate Change 10/2017 (Youtube)
Erik Talks About "I Am" - Thoughts 10/2017 - with Emma (Youtube)
Erik Talks About "Shhhh" on 10/2017
Erik Talks About "Dysfunctional Families" on 10/28/2017 (Youtube)
Emma Talks About Relationships 2/2018 - When is My Soulmate Coming?
Erik Talks About (To Be Continued)

What Are Chakras? 

Watch this video from a children's tv show that does a great job at explaining what Chakras are.. 

Laura Eisenhower Talks at MUFON (Video - She talks fast but it's because she has a crap-ton of info to tell you. Listen carefully.)
Biggie Talks About M-O-N-E-Y (For those who have money problems)
Pleiadian Collective (Channeled) Talk About How To Manifest Money in Your Life - By Wendy Kennedy
Spirit Communicates Using A Birthday Balloon
"Ghost" [Blue Angel with Wings] Visits Gas Station (Nov. 13, 2007)
Lady Gaga Talks with Dalai Lama - How to Purify. Unify. Detox. - 2016
Sound In A Visual Format (Crop Circle Creation)
Carl Sagan Talks About 4D (4th Dimension - Tesseract Simplified)
Dimensions Explained
Clint Ober Talks "Grounding"  and his website "Earthing"
Breaking Free From The Matrix 2.25.2018
Goldie Hawn Talks About Mindfulness
Bruce Lipton Talks About Cell Memory - Change Your BELIEFS to Change The Game
          More Bruce - Longer Interview and
          Bruce Compilation Video
More Talks About (To Be Continued)
Schumann Resonance Explained (Keep in mind, this was written/posted in 2003) 
Schumann Resonance NOW - via HEARTMATH INSTITUTE (2017)
Dr. Joe Talks About the Schumann Spike
Dr. Weiss Talks...
     *  Availability of Everyday Angels
     *  Freewill
     *  Soulmates
Robert Schwartz
Marshall Rosenberg
Anita Moorjani (Learning To Heal)
Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
(Youtube Video)
Signs and Symptoms of The Shift Within
(Youtube Video)
Top 10 Magnesium-Rich Foods Dr. Axe
Emoto Studies Thoughts with Ice Crystals
"Angel" Numbers (Synchronicity - What those numbers you keep seeing mean)
Are You A Blue Ray?  You May Have Heard of Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow... Introducing Blue
Do You Know A Narcissist? JP Sears
Self-Sabotage vs. Awareness JP Sears
Thyme Tea - Medical Medium
Golden Milk Recipe - Highly Recommended
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