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About Obsidian

This ancient black crystal brings you protection and removes negativity both within yourself and your surrounding environment. Each one is gathered by hand, blessed and gently cleaned. It's allowed to stay in its natural state, just the way Nature intended it to be. This means nothing is cut, polished, destroyed, or altered - and no two are exactly alike. By retaining its natural state, it retains most of its power. Each one is hand-wrapped in a silver wire pendant, ready for you to add your unique touch to it and make it your own. Once in a while, Obsidian will naturally "cleave" (split itself into two halves, like a TwinFlame) - On rare occasions, when a matching pair are found, they're made into pierced earrings and made available for purchase. Wear this crystal whenever you need its protection - from co-workers, family members, or clients who haven't yet learned how to protect themselves and remove their negativity naturally - the way Nature intended. Obsidian was formed during the eruption of an ancient volcano in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. known as The Great Rift Valley, specifically "The Kings Bowl" Crater. As the lava quickly cooled and mixed with sand from an ancient (2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago) Pleistocene epoch inland sea called "Lake Bonneville", the high elevation was ideal for creating the conditions this ancient volcanic glass needed to form since the air was cool and dry. This river of hot rock gave birth to Obsidian, a crystal which was later used by Nostradamus in the shape of a flat, reflective mirror - a tool used in the ancient art of "Scrying" - to make his predictions. And prized by Native Americans as a tool used to make the arrowheads they needed for protection and for hunting wild game for nourishment.

Click on this eStore link or the tab at the top - in the menu - to make a purchase. Thank You.

Before reading about what offers you may want to watch this fascinating (22-min) video "Crystal Clear Healing Energy" by Atlantean Gardens 

(I recommend watching more of AG's videos on YouTube)

***Note: Some crystals are water-soluble (dissolve in water) and should not be submerged. Some crystals are light-sensitive (react to sunlight) - like amethyst - and fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Keep this in mind when watching this video. This info was provided to correct misinformation in this video.

About Snowflake Spray

Each custom designed, collector-style glass bottle is filled with 4-ounces of 100% pure Rocky Mountain snowflakes.

Although you could drink Snowflake Spray, it's not recommended since it's not labeled or sold for consumption and we all know what bears do in the woods!

How do you know it's pure snowflakes? snowflake spray has a very faint, light blue tinge which reflects the purity of the high-altitude mountain home the snowflakes were born into. Anything less is just tap water. You can also feel the vibrational difference for those who are sensitive to it.

Snowflake Spray Crystal Cleaner is safe for all crystals and can be used with caution on water-soluble crystals or natural coral since soaking crystals in water isn't necessary. Just lightly spray and wipe gently with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth or allow to air-dry. Snowflakes are not only Nature's form of protection in Winter - as the snow melts and rushes across the land, into streams that turn into mighty rivers, it's also the Earth's way of cleaning itself.

Use your Snowflake Spray whenever you feel like your crystals need to be revitalized and refreshed.

Keep in mind, Winter only comes once a year - supplies, like fine wine, are limited and available while they last! Prices are subject to change.

Snowflakes from

Each bottle of Snowflake Spray Crystal Cleaner contains thousands of tiny snowflakes that were gathered by hand from a pristine mountain meadow in the Rockies, less than an hour away from Yellowstone National Park - one of Nature's most precious and protected places on the planet!

The snowflakes are allowed to melt naturally at room temperature over several days to preserve their natural structure as they transform from a solid ice crystal into a watery liquid state. In the process, the amount reduces to less than half the original volume. Numerous trips are made into the mountains to gather more, making sure to disturb the environment as little as possible.

Once the liquid is completely melted, it's then ran through a triple filtering process to remove any impurities such as particles of dust which created the snowflakes, or any windblown debris such as leaves and pine needles. The liquid is then bottled, leaving enough air to allow for expansion during shipment from a high altitude in the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S. where they were born, to lower levels during shipment so they reach their destination safely. has 100% Pure
Rocky Mountain Snowflakes

About Beach Bottle Keepsake

This empty, 1-ounce, glass bottle is accented with blue and comes with it's own silver-colored cap to safely store your precious memories. You can add your own wire around the neck of the bottle to hang it from a window or just set it on your desk in front of a favorite photo.

The joy it brings will be endless.

The Beach Bottle Keepsake isn't just for the beach!

It's a great way to store memories while on vacation, or celebrating your wedding or anniversary too.

You can add:

  • beach sand

  • water from a nearby lake

  • drops of rain

  • melted snow

  • cooled campfire ashes

  • locks of hair

  • tiny crystals

  • a bit of dried wedding cake

  • dried flower petals

  • or anything you want - your imagination is the only limit!

Want something unique and one-of-a-kind? Try the Tiger's Eye pendant!


Each beautiful pendant (chain not included) is hand-painted on 30mm glass coins and no two are exactly alike. Wear your Tiger's Eye for protection and good luck!


You can pick from:  Silver, Dark Blue, Purple, Green, or Red

See eStore for Color Samples

About Tiger's Eye Pendant

This is truly a gift you can't find anywhere but here at and comes with its own chain (color may vary slightly) at no additional cost. Each 30mm glass Dragon's Eye pendant is hand-painted (Choose from Silver, Dark Blue, Purple, Green or Red eyes) and wire-wrapped by hand. Comes with your very own sword to ensure you're ready to Slay Your Own Dragons no matter what life throws at you! 

See eStore for Color Samples

About Dragon Slayer Pendant and Necklace

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