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An Avalanche Begins With A Single


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Leilani is a Medium and an advanced intuitive counselor with over 25 years of training and experience. Whether you need guidance using tarot, oracle, or spiritual communication, Leilani will help bring clarity, truth, and light into the dark, foggy, grey areas you're stuck in. She always leads with Love and high counsel to help get you back on track. She knows that freewill trumps all and yet, she's been able to accurately predict the outcome for her clients on many occasions. After a reading with Leilani you'll feel a sense of peace, strength and well-being. Answers are swift and honest - without being vague. No questions are "off-limits" and all sessions are held strictly confidential. Read more in the

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Ever wonder why you're so different than others? Want to know why you react to certain things in a certain way? Ever feel like those horoscopes never seem to apply to you? Curious about whether someone is compatible with you or not? Using tools over 4,000 years old, Leilani can answer these questions for you - and more! It's amazing the things you can find out about yourself and others when all you have is their date, place and time of birth. Unlock the truth behind who you really are and begin to understand the unique planetary energy flow behind you and your relationships.

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The Avalanche 

It all began with a single snowflake...

That's what Leilani used to say...


It really began with an encounter with another Medium in a recorded reading on Youtube on February 25, 2016 where they were talking to a spirit Leilani would later learn was named Erik Medhus. She was guided to this video by Erik, himself, while doing her own independent research on bipolar disease in order to understand any environmental links that might be a trigger for it. She ignored the video with a generic name for two weeks, until she finally clicked on it - and watching it would change her life forever! She knew from having studied body language and what Leilani used to call her "Spidey Sense" - which made her a "human lie-detector" - that the Medium was telling the truth. And if they were really talking to some invisible being in the room, then what the being was saying about life after death had to be true because that being had died almost 7 years prior!

Leilani had to find out more! She had to know for certain that life on this planet didn't end when this one did.  This need-to-know would lead her down a path where there was no return. It also resulted in suffering from 6 months of insomnia! Leilani couldn't sleep until she got to the bottom of it all - she had to know the truth for herself. She couldn't just take someone's word for it!

At that point in time, Leilani didn't know anything about energy centers in the body called Chakras - other than that generic name. She didn't know anything about meditation - other than she knew people sat cross-legged on the floor, with their hands on their knees and made some sort of weird humming sound, and that it was used a lot in India. She had never tried meditation, done yoga, or even knew what Reiki was. She'd never even heard of the word! Spirituality was foreign to her and as far as she was concerned, it was the same thing as religion and she wanted nothing to do with it!

Leilani researched everything she could get her hands on! She heard about Transcendental Meditation ( and read through all the medical studies - and learned about all the amazing benefits - this type of mediation (and mediation in general) provides to the human body. It would take another 3 months before she was able to connect with a teacher who would give her this blessing, passed down from the yogi, Maharishi Mahesh, himself. It "cured" her insomnia within 24-hours and gave her the ability to focus her thoughts and energy more clearly.

Being a natural skeptic, Leilani still questioned what was happening to her but by June of 2016, while meditating under a tree in a nearby park, Leilani would get an energetic hug from Erik Medhus that she could feel physically - and she could no longer deny that he wasn't real. She asked him to help her and be her mentor-in-spirit. He'd later tell her it was love at first sight and he couldn't wait for her to click on his generically named video. The connection they made would be very strong and Erik would be the first to help Leilani to channel physically, while remaining conscious at the same time. She also learned how to use her abilities to become a clear Medium, and has been trained as an Insight Reiki Healer in less than a year.


She now communicates to those in many different realms in the Spirit World, including angels and archangels, as well as beings, pets and even trees still in the physical (some astrally projected) and with what is called the "Higher Self" of those still here on Earth. There seems to be no end to what or who can choose to communicate with her! She also works with a mentor-in-spirit named Jaden who crossed over due to physical complications from special needs while he was on Earth. Although she and Jaden didn't know each other while he was alive, they now work together to explore all the possibilities and understand that physical limitations while on Earth have nothing to do with the perfect being we become in spirit once we cross over!


Leilani is so thankful she has an amazing divine team, ready and willing to assist her to bring through messages for you and your loved ones whenever they're called upon. She continues to learn and grow and trust in them to guide her on her spiritual path to serve the highest good of All. She can't wait to find out what we call "the future" has in store for all of us! It's Exciting!

And That's Really How The Avalanche Began!


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